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Dr. Loughridge

30 +Years Experience. Flint L. Loughridge, D.C. graduated from the Texas Chiropractic College in 1984. After more than a decade of practice in Carrollton, Texas, Dr. Loughridge opened the Frisco Chiropractic Center in 1996. Dr. Loughridge is a member of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).

Treatment Philosophy. My philosophy is straightforward. Our spines and related muscles, ligaments and joints must function in proper relationship, much like a machine. Machines must have all parts working properly, in order to run smoothly without wearing. When this happens, the machine runs well. It will last a long time, be more reliable and wear slower.

We are not all that different from that machine. If our vertebrae are in the best possible alignment and are able to move through their proper range of motion without impingement, we tend to have fewer spinal problems. Proper motion and function keep us running smoothly therefore minimizing pain and degenerative arthritis (rust) in the future.

Another reason to keep our spines working well is to insure that the spinal cord and nerves that run between our vertebrae are free and functioning normally. When this happens, proper information is transmitted between our brain and body; allowing all of our parts to work better. This leads to better health overall!

Dr. Loughridge

Dr. Flint

Flint Loughridge Jr., D.C. did his undergraduate work at UNT, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2014. Dr. Flint graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in April of 2018. He is passionate about helping people get well and enabling them to live healthy functional lives!

Movement is Life. Every day our body is exposed to multiple physical, emotional and toxic stressors that are sometimes unavoidable. As our bodies fight to adapt to external stresses we can undergo changes within the spine and joints that result in fixated "stuck" areas that don't move properly, thus, limiting our function. These fixated areas within our spine and joints, if undealt with, can result in our body healing incorrectly, leading to scar tissue formation, degenerative/arthritic changes and pain down the road.

The spine is very complex in the fact that it houses and protects our spinal cord and the nerve roots that branch out to every aspect of our body. When a vertebrae's motion is compromised, the nerves can have their messages they transmit interfered with. Typically, when we think of nerve related issues, we think of the pain or abnormal movement experienced as a result of injury or dysfunction. Those same nerves, under stress, also travel to the organs throughout our body resulting in decreased function or complications of those organs and can even affect our immune response.

Treatment Philosophy. As a chiropractor I'm looking for those specific areas in the spine that are fixated or working incorrectly and strive to restore their function through a chiropractic adjustment. A healthy spine can then nourish and hydrate itself properly, allowing the nerves to transmit their messages throughout the body, reduce pain, and slow or stop degenerative changes. With a healthy spine you can reduce the impact of environmental stress and experience life as optimally as you were designed to.

Dr. Loughridge


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