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Experienced, conservative, reasonable, and professional, Frisco Chiropractic Center specializes in providing safe and effective care to relieve your pain and improve function naturally. Our doctors, Dr. Flint Loughridge Sr. and Dr. Flint Loughridge Jr., are diversified chiropractors and will tailor the type of technique best needed for your treatment. In addition to chiropractic care, we have licensed massage therapists that specialize in therapeutic massage techniques.

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Chiropractic Works & That’s What Counts! We’re committed to our patients and have over 30 years’ experience of helping people get healthy and stay healthy. If you’re dealing with an injury, trying to manage pain, or just want to come in for a routine correction, we can provide the care you’re looking for.
We can help. Serving patients of all ages, from babies to senior citizens. Your needs are unique. We tailor our treatments for each patient.
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